New In: Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palette

This weekend I wandered into a Sephora, as most girls do. Passing by the always glowing Hourglass stand, I caught the new Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palettes featured on the top shelf. At first I was going to keep walking past them as I had heard very mixed reviews on the palettes but I figured since I was there to kill some time anyway, why not give them a swatch? 

The first two palettes I swatched weren't impressive. The shadows were mostly chalky and not pigmented at all. I was surprised by the quality of the shadows as their Ambient Lighting Blushes are incredibly pigmented and a dream to work with. I almost moved on until I caught Obscura hiding on the bottom shelf. Swatching all five shades from left to right, I was pleasantly surprised by the buttery texture and pigmentation. The quality was certainly up there with my favourite NARS, Urban Decay, and MAC eyeshadows. 

Obscura is a palette of earthy tones including a matte cream, matte smokey brown, shimmery rose gold, matte coffee, and shimmery cool bronze. All of the shades are easy to blend and have little fall-out when used with a primer underneath. I find the pigmentation to be decent and the shades go together well, making it a quick to use product in the mornings. My go-to right now is the middle shimmery rose gold shade all over the lids with the matte coffee in the crease and the matte cream in the inner corners. 

I'm still learning to work with it and I haven't used the shadows wet yet. I'll probably have to report back with more details on this later. For now, I would recommend checking out this particular palette but perhaps skipping the other colours. 

Have you checked out the new Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palettes?


Getting Active

It isn't uncommon to hear that people struggle with their weight. I very openly admit that I struggle with my weight now and have for many years. My metabolism is so fast that I can never seem to gain weight. While some wish for the metabolism I have, I use to wish for something slower. Now, I've just learned to be content with what I have and work with it. 

Everyone has a different reason to get active. For me it's for my overall physical and mental health, and weight gain. My goal is to gain weight and get toned through working with weights. I also want to just generally get stronger and more flexible. That's why I got into yoga about a year ago and have recently started working with weights. 

I'm certainly no expert when it comes to being active but I figured I'd document my journey through finding what works for me both activity and food-wise. This year I'm being more strict with my goals as health and body image are some of the main things I want to work on. Here are some things that helped me get started. 

Set realistic goals
Setting the bar too high is just setting yourself up for disappointment. If you're starting from little to no activity, it's probably best to start off working out maybe two times a week then bumping that number up slowly. Whatever works for you. Likely, you won't be shredding or gaining a lot of week every single week and it isn't particularly healthy to do that anyway. Give it time. 

Find what motivates you
I like to follow fit people on Instagram as a daily reminder of what I can achieve. My favourites at the moment are elle_fit, w3livehealthy, and basebodybabes. Sometimes I go on Pinterest as well and pin my physique goals and some good workouts. If you have any Instagram suggestions by the way, please share! 

Get a buddy
It's good to have a buddy that you can hit the gym with, go on a hike with, or attend other various classes with. Even if you aren't working on the same things, it's good to have someone you can check in with. My friend and I both started yoga together and sometimes we will text each other to remind each other to do yoga. It's nice to be able to celebrate little fitness victories with and cheer each other on. 

Treat yourself
You don't need expensive workout gear but I do like to treat myself sometimes. Nice workout clothes motivate me to get active more often. I have a pair of neon coral and mint Nike Free Bionic training shoes that are perfect for the gym. I also like to treat myself to Lululemon workout gear suitable for both yoga and the gym. You look good, you feel good.   

Gather up your resources
I don't always have time to hit the gym and sometimes I'm just lazy. I love following the Tone It Up girls or Cassey from Blogilates. Most of the time I just need a yoga mat and some dumbbells to get going. You can also find workout plans on Pinterest as well. Please share some of your resources!

What do you do to get active and what are some of your fitness goals?


FOTD: Vampy

Two things I've been gravitating towards recently: dark lip colours and NARS. I can never have too much NARS in my life, especially when it comes to the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils

Let me introduce you to the ultimate vampy lip product in my collection, the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Train Bleu. This deep aubergine shade makes a statement without being too in-your-face. Well, of course a vampy lip is in-your-face but it's not so dark that it is unwearable. You can tell that it is a sophisticated aubergine as opposed to borderline gothic black. 

Like other NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils, this glides on the lips smoothly and feels comfortable to wear. Even in the dead of winter, I can wear this without concerns over dry lips as long as I use a little lip balm the night before. The wear time is my only concern as it does wear off a little patchy during periods of food consumption but if you're just going shopping, this is fantastic. It will leave behind a bit of a stain at the end of the day which I imagine would look gorgeous with a thin layer of gloss over the top. 

When I wear such a bold lip, I keep the rest of my makeup simple. Here I am wearing:

I can't get enough of this lip pencil. It's just so easy to wear and I imagine it would look incredible on many people. For me, this is as confidence boosting as a red lip in the autumn and winter. 

Which is your favourite vampy lip product?