‹ Hello Holidays ›

It isn't quite the holiday season for me just yet but I've just got one week left until I fly home from university with a week to spare before Christmas! Sure I still have three exams left to power through but hey, I have to find things to look forward to during this dreadful time of the semester.

I apologize for neglecting the blog recently. I've just been so busy with school as you can probably imagine. I can reassure you that posts will be back on the blog regularly once exams are over. 

I'm so excited to fly home this year. It has been a full year since I last went home to see my family and friends. Aside from all the boring appointments I have, here are five things I will be doing this December back home.

1. Spending time with family
2. Partying with high school friends
3. Shopping, shopping, and, you guessed it, more shopping
4. Getting my hair done (fresh chop and colour, hellooo!)
5. Celebrating my childhood best friend's birthday

In January I'm heading back east to the nation's capital. I landed myself a sweet apartment and sick job for this work term. It's so nice to be the co-op program at school so I can alternate between academic and work terms, even if it is a hassle to move every four months. The most exciting part is, I'll be back in the same city as my boyfriend. It's been a while since I last saw him and trust me, this long distance thing is hard. 

There is so much to look forward to this December and for the new year. Just one week left! If you're going through exams right now too, good luck! You rock those exams! 

What are some of your plans this holiday season?


‹ If I Could Only Have Two Palettes ›

Some days I look at my collection and ask myself why I have so much makeup. I have one face and I don't even wear makeup every single day. Realistically there is plenty of makeup I could do without but what can I say? I'm a bit of a hoarder, and I enjoy purchasing and playing with makeup. Recently I've been adding more and more eyeshadow palettes to my collection but really, I could just go with the two I'm about to feature and still be perfectly happy.

The first is a NARS offering that got me hooked on NARS eyeshadows. The NARS And God Created The Woman palette features six shades, four being shimmery and two being matte. For an everyday look I dip my brushes in Alhambra, the top left shade, or Kalahari, the top right shade. Occasionally I'll just wear Bellisima, the top middle shade, all over the lids for a simple matte look. Coconut Grove, the bottom middle shade is a great crease shade for anything.

As someone who loves matte shades, the Urban Decay Naked2 Basics palette is my perfect matte palette. With one shimmery shade and five matte shades, I can achieve anything from an everyday look to an evening smokey look with it. Skimp, the only shimmery shade is a good one for a highlight as it gives a subtle highlight where needed. Stark and Frisk make great base shades while Cover and Primal make great crease shades. Undone is a dark taupe grey that is a relieving change from the typical black for a smokey look. 

With these two palettes, I'm set for day time and night time looks. They are also both incredibly travel friendly as the packaging for both is sleek and secure. When I go travelling, these are the two palettes I take now. 

Which palettes do you deem essential to your collection? 


‹ Share the Love: Under 500 Edition #4 ›

Based is So-Cal, Kat writes primarily about beauty with life and style in the mix too. She talks about a range of brands from drugstore to high-end. Her posts are always creative and well-written, making it an enjoyable read. There's really something for everyone on her blog. 

From Washington, DC, Faith runs a fashion and lifestyle blog featuring beautiful photos and quickly drew me in. I first came across her blog through Instagram and immediately fell in love. There's a bit of everything on her blog but my favourites are her beauty posts, particularly about lipsticks. I was very surprised by the lack of followers as the quality of her blog is fantastic! That's Just Fabulous is a new read but quickly a firm favourite.

Diana blogs all the way from Greece primarily about beauty. If you're an affordable beauty products lover, you'll be relieved to find that her blog mainly features affordable products with some high-end products in the mix. I love her tutorials as she spends the time to photograph each step, making it incredibly easy to follow.