‹ Empties #5 ›

Preparing for a move, I'm using up products like mad right now. Some of these products still have a little left in them but I'll be tossing the original packaging and storing what's left in sample or travel containers.

The Body Shop Grapefruit Body Butter
This body butter is a lighter than the other body butters I've had in the past. It smells fruity as it should and is perfect for the summer. On to another body butter!

This was a great morning cleanser. I can't be sure if it made a dramatic difference to the brightness of my skin or not but it was a refreshing cleanser that was a joy to use every morning. It gently cleanses the skin to remove any leftover product from the evening before and leaves the skin properly prepped for the rest of my morning skincare routine. This bottle lasted me about 6 months of everyday use so I would definitely consider purchasing this.

This cleanser grew on me halfway through the 50mL travel size. I didn't find it to be anything special until I noticed how comfortable my skin always felt afterwards. It doesn't do the best job at removing makeup but it does make a great first evening cleanser or morning cleanser. I would consider purchasing this.

At first I found this lotion to be too thick, even though it is aimed a oily skin types. I quickly realized that I was using too much product and that was why it took so long to sink in. Literally a pea sized amount is enough to cover the entire face, keeping it nourished throughout the day without becoming overly oily. It sinks in quickly when applied in a thin layer and makes a good base for makeup. I would consider purchasing this.

For a while, there were blog posts going around on the ingredients in this product. The comments weren't exactly positive. I really enjoyed using this product though because it worked well for my skin. I used this every night to hydrate and keep the blemishes at bay. It worked for me, but the price has since gone up on this product and again, the ingredients have me rethinking. It's hard to let go of this product but I'll be trying something new for now.

Is it a toner or a refresher? Perhaps both? I can't be sure of what its main purpose is but I used it as a toner and it definitely helped calm and heal spots. It was a refreshing step to my skincare routine while it lasted. When using this daily, this product goes very quickly. For the price, I don't think I'll be rushing out to repurchase it again. It's more of a treat. 

This product is perfect for getting rid of the powder finish. It is also great to spray on brushes before using a shimmery eyeshadow to make it look more foil-like and stick better. It helped to keep my base on longer throughout the day too! I definitely enjoyed using this product, especially throughout the summer. I'm trying other setting sprays by Urban Decay right now, but I may turn back to this one. 

I loved using this detangling and conditioning mist. It was light enough to keep my hair volumized but nourishing enough to keep my hair healthy. I used this nearly every day after washing my hair and it lasted a solid 6 months. I will consider repurchasing this, but I'm currently trying something by Bumble and Bumble for a change.


‹ Battle of the Brushes: RT Buffing Brush vs. Expert Face Brush ›

It is no secret that I love Real Techniques brushes; they're good quality brushes that are incredibly affordable. So many people love the Buffing Brush but a lot like the Expert Face Brush too. Which one do I prefer? Well it depends on what I'm trying to do.

Converting to become more of a powder foundation kind of girl, I always reach for the Buffing Brush. It is dense enough to give good coverage and the flat top makes it easy to cover large areas. I strictly use this brush for foundation, both liquid and powder, though I occasionally use it to blend in concealer over a large area when I accidentally apply too much.

The Expert Face Brush is more of a multi-tasking brush. It is a lot like the Buffing Brush but pinched to become a hybrid of a classic flat foundation brush and the Buffing Brush. This is a great one for liquid foundation, especially when you want to blend close under the eyes and around the nose. It is also a fantastic brush for contouring as well as long as you apply with a light hand. Jessica has a great video on the many uses for this Expert Face Brush so for more ideas, turn to her video now.

The good thing about the Expert Face brush is that it can be purchased individually. The Buffing Brush comes in the Core Collection which comes with three other face brushes. It is totally worth the extra money to get some other brushes though. I personally use the Buffing Brush more than the Expert Face Brush.

Do you own both brushes? If so, which one do you use more often?


‹ On the Radar No.1 ›

Recently I have been following Brandon of Humans of New York even closer than before. From August to September of 2014 he is doing a world tour and the stories he has been sharing are just so moving. I've been following on Facebook as usual but also on Instagram for a quicker way to stay updated throughout the day on my phone. Mixed into my Instagram feed has been the rather adorable Pudge the Cat. Thought I'd share this cat with everyone because who doesn't love cats these days?

On the beauty front, I've been loving the blog That Grace Girl. The girl takes fantastic photos and her blog is just a joy to read. On YouTube, I always enjoy watching Mimi's videos on her channels Luxy Hair, Everything Luxy, and Mimi Ikonn. I've been following her for such a long time now and I always love her videos. 

As I clean out my closet using some tips from Into Mind, I've been enjoying listening to the SBTRKT self titled album. I discovered this album about two years ago and I forgot about it for about a year. So glad I rediscovered this! Canadian band, The Arkells also came out with a new album and I've been loving Come To Light. I remember seeing The Arkells with Mother Mother about a year ago and it was just such a fantastic concert!

What has been on your radar recently?